Data Recovery from Lost Partition

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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A hard drive is separated into logical units called partitions to store the operating system and other user data. Partitioning is very useful, if you want to install more than one operating system on the same hard drive. For an example, you can allocate one hard drive partition say C drive for installing Windows 7 and any other drive for installing Windows XP operating system. Partitioning helps us to decrease the access time and increase the system performance. There is one inbuilt Windows Disk Management Utility and other partitioning tools available in the market to help you in partitioning hard disk drive. By using these tools you can create, format, delete or resize the logical partitions on the hard drive.

However, partitioning hard by using these partitioning utilities is always risky and requires you to have good technical knowledge, because any sort of errors encountered during the partitioning process can lead to loss of partitions or corrupts them by rendering its data inaccessible. As a consequence of partition loss/missing, valuable data stored on your hard drive partition gets lost or becomes unreadable. So what next? Don’t panic!!! You need to look for an effective data recovery tool to rescue the lost partitions and its data in a secure way. Here is a wonderful tool named Lost Data Recovery, which is prescribed by industry experts to recoup lost hard drive partitions on Windows hard drive in short span of time. This tool is designed with powerful algorithms to deeply scan your hard drive for identifying lost partitions as well as files without damaging their structure.

What are the reasons for loss of partitions from the hard drive?

File System Conversion: When required users may convert the file system of a particular partition to another i.e. FAT16 to FAT32 to NTFS. This file system conversion can make files lose their EFS (encryption details) and file system permissions, containing entries regarding which users or system processes are allowed to access or which operation is granted to a specific file (whether you can read, write or execute a data). Because of which data on reformatted partitions becomes unreadable or lead to loss of partitions from HDD.

Boot Sector Corruption: Boot sector of hard drive holds vital data like information regarding the total number of partitions, total number of sectors, sector size, which partition is booting, start and end point of partition, etc. When boot sector is corrupted due to dangerous viruses, partitioning errors or other logical damages, it can cause loss of any hard drive partition that gets disappear from your system resulting in data loss. With the help of Lost data recovery tool you can overcome this error. This eminent tool is capable enough to recover lost data from portable hard drive within few mouse click. If you want to know more about this magnificient tool then, visit the following link:

MBR Corruption: Virus infection is considered to be another main reason for loss, corruption or missing of hard drive partitions. These harmful threats can attack the hard disk drive thus corrupting the Master Boot Record (MBR), holding the partition table and hence leading to the huge amount of data loss.

Re-partitioning Hard Drive: Using third party tools for creating a new partition or re-sizing the existing partitions to locate free disk space on the hard drive can result in deletion of partitions, which will further give rise to loss of important files.

Can you retrieve data from lost partitions?

Definitely, with the invention of advanced software like lost data recovery, you can get back lost partition with its data as it was before. This lost data recovery software is capable to restore around 280 file types from hard drive using their unique file signatures. That is it uses a key feature named file signature search to locate and identify different type of files like any Microsoft documents, photos, songs, videos or any other media or text files from lost partitions. It is the accurate choice for recovering data from hard disk drive, when partition is deleted, lost or formatted by mistake. It supports data recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT formatted partitions on your hard drive.

This effective lost data recovery software will let you recover data from lost partitions when the hard drive fails, gets crashed, refuses to boot hard disk or other logical issues of hard drive. You will be able to get back lost partition data/files from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drive and external hard drives with ease. Other than desktop hard drive, it is possible to restore lost data from laptop hard drive, which includes various models of laptop like Dell, Acer, Sony, HP, Toshiba, etc. This lost data recovery application can even be used to perform data recovery from partitioned drive such as external hard disk, USB drives and FireWire Drives. You can run lost data recovery tool on computer hard drives installed with latest Windows 7, XP, Vista Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems. This tool is capable to recover lost photos within a fraction of second. Have a look over this URL to get complete information:

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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Follow simple steps to recover data from lost partitions on Windows PC:

Step 1: Launch the lost data recovery software on Windows computer to bring home screen as Shown in Fig 1.

Recover Data from Lost Partition - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Select "Recover Partitions / Drives" on home screen. Now click on "Partition Recovery" as shown in Fig 2 to retrieve data from lost or missing partitions.

Recover Data from Lost Partition - Select Partition Recovery

Fig 2: Select Partition Recovery

Step 3: The tool searches for the available drives on your PC and shows on screen the logical drives. Select the drive from which you want to recover lost data and click "Next" as shown in Fig 3

Recover Data from Lost Partition - Choose Logical Drive

Fig 3: Choose Logical Drive

Step 4: After scanning the hard drive for lost partitions, it recovers lost or corrupted files from it. Check the recovered data in Data View after recovery process as shown in Fig 4

Recover Data from Lost Partition - View Recovered Data

Fig 4: View Recovered Data

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

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